Relax & Renew Organic Tea

Relax & Renew Organic Tea


Relax And Renew

Each tea comes with it’s own washable and reusable muslin steeping bag.

• Made With Only 100% Organic Herbs
• Handcrafted in British Columbia, Canada
• Blended by Hand in Small Batches
• Loose Leaf Blend
• Gluten Free/Vegan
• Herbal Tea/Does Not Contain Caffeine
• Large Makes 25-30 Cups of Tea

• Organic Lavender
• Organic Chamomile
• Organic Lemonbalm
• Organic Corn Flower Petals

1-1.5 tsp of tea into an infuser, pour 8oz of boiling water over, cover to stop nutrients from escaping in the steam, and steep for 5-6 min.

At New Moon Tea Co. Our teas are blended, packaged and sealed in small batches to ensure the freshest taste. Our kraft pouches are sealed for freshness but also have a resealable zipper to keep the quality after being opened. 

About Relax And Renew Tea

This tea is a calming blend of herbs which help relieve stress, reduce anxiety and calm the mind body and soul. Drink it any time of the day and experience the tranquility just as if you were at the yoga studio or out on a walk in nature.

About Our Friends at New Moon Tea Company

Farm To Cup | Herbalist Made
We believe that good herbal tea should come from the land around us, just as our food does. We want our teas to have a traceable origin that we can be proud of.

Minimal Waste
We want to use energy, water and materials more responsibly and we want this to show in our products, branding and packaging.

Rooted Community
At New Moon Tea Co. We are building strong relationships with our partners, farms and customers and we aim to create a shared space of health and wellness.

***This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. It is not intended to represent or replace professional medical advice.***

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