Non-Toxic Ambiance Candle

Non-Toxic Ambiance Candle

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One of my favorite parts of lighting a candle is the ambiance it gives off. I love the cozy romance of a lit candle during the cold fall and winter months, I just hate the toxins and risk that come with using them!

I have teamed up with an incredible candle company Essentially Charlie to bring you a completely non toxic candle, free of synthetic fragrance and wax.

These candles:

Are made with 70% coconut wax and 30% beeswax to create a sustainable and completely non toxic burn.

Wicks are made of hemp.

Candle is completely unscented other than a very faint honey-like scent from the beeswax.

Each candle comes in a beautiful reusable amber glass jar

4oz candles have silver lids and 8oz candles have gold lids

These candles make the PERFECT gift for anyone in your life that has gone completely toxin free in their household. These candles bring the aesthetic and ambiance of burning a candle that we love without any of the hormone disrupters and other health risks of most fragranced candles.

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